Be as happy as a glow worm!

Well we always want to be happier right! I don’t think there has ever been anyone that’s been too happy! I have searched the internet as well as adding a few bits of my own to put together so top tips for being happy. 

If you focus on one each week, I am sure you will find yourself having a little bit more patience, full of a little bit more love and you will probably even feel a little bit happier.


1. WAKE UP EARLY: Did you know you are more likely to have a happier and more successful day, just by waking up early and getting out of bed? Sometimes life is exhausting or we stay up WAY too late – and our bodies need rest. But happy people go to sleep at a decent hour, get 7-8 hours of sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

2. THEY FIND THEIR SMILE: And they find it DAILY. After you wake up and hop in the shower – do something that makes you feel good. Find your smile within the first 30 minutes of waking up – whether you turn on the radio, cruise Social Media or have the perfect hair day! Find your smile and wear it ALL day long.
3. THEY SEE BEYOND IMPERFECTIONS: Happy people understand that life isn’t going to be flawless. They don’t judge others – in fact, they love almost everyone they come in contact with. They look for the good in their co-workers, their family members and even in themselves.

4. THEY PAT THEMSELVES ON THE BACK: We aren’t supposed to be too prideful – nobody wants to hang out with someone too into themselves. BUT – happy people are proud of what they do. They recognize when they accomplish something. They finish what they start. And they are always trying to become better.
5. THEY GET MOVIN’: As much as I would love to lay in bed and watch The Bachelor re-runs all day in my pajamas – as a woman, we just can’t do that. Get out of the house and get your heart rate up. Go for a walk or run around the block. Go to the gym or do an at-home workout. After you get your body moving – I promise, you won’t regret it. “Man, I wish I didn’t work out,” said no one ever.

6. THEY ARE THEIR OWN FRIEND: We can be our own worst enemy or our own best friend – it is up to US to decide. Don’t let your mind bring you down or tell you not to be happy. You deserve to find joy. Happy people are their own best friend. They are proud of who they are and have confidence in what they do every day. Love the person in the mirror and think positively about yourself.

7. THEY SURROUND THEMSELVES WITH HAPPY PEOPLE: It is true that your environment around you can make you who you are. Did you know if you are constantly with negative people, you are more likely to become negative too? We each rub off on each other and other people’s attitudes can truly affect ours. Be around those who uplift you and make you feel better.
8. THEY ARE GRATEFUL: Happy people rarely take a day for granted. They recognize that every day is a blessing. They don’t use the word “luck” – they know that everything happens for a reason and they are blessed. Count your many blessings – name them one by one.
9. THEY HAVE LEARNED TO SLOW DOWN: As women, often times we feel like we have so much to do. Give yourself a break. Take the time to smell the roses. Don’t feel like you need to do EVERYTHING in one day. Happy people don’t compare themselves to others. They know who they are and they do their things at their own paces. Do what is best for you.
10. THEY MAKE THE BEST OUT OF EVERYTHING: “The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.” – Marjorie Pay Hinckley. We really do have two choices in every situation – choose the high road – smile, laugh and make the best of it.



Love clothes! Love fashion! Want to save money?

I am not ashamed to admit clothes are my favorite things in the whole world. I love everything about them, except my constantly empty wallet as a result of those Dolce Vita wedges that I simply couldn’t live without. 

  Like most college students, I find myself constantly getting disgruntled about price tags, even on supposed “sale items.” We’re students i.e broke, but that doesn’t mean our fashion has to suffer. Please, take off that college hoodie, there are other options out there. The perfect Louboutins are a distant mirage, but affordable fashion? Now there’s an ocean of possibility.

Here are 5 tips for staying trendy on your $7.00 an hour wage:

Accessories – pick a theme and stick to it!  

 Stock Up On Accessories: Rather than splurging on an expensive dress, invest in necklaces, bangles and belts. You’ll get tired of that dress sooner or later, whereas accessories will spice up plain items and allow you to create drastically different looking ensembles with the same basic pieces.

Vintage and fabulous!!  

 Thrift + Vintage: Paying full price for duds is totally outdated. Of course we all love waltzing into our favorite stores, having seriously helpful sales associates and leaving the store with a large and perfectly wrapped bag, but for fashionistas on a budget this isn’t the way to go. It’s time you explore other options. Don’t be scared, thrift stores really aren’t bad. You have to put a little more work into your shopping experience, but you’ll get great clothes for a whole lot less. Whether it’s old school vintage or recently thrifted items, all that’s stopping you from perfect new outfits is a little effort and maybe a trip to the cleaner.

Pop up shop!!! 

So you want to buy some new clothes but don’t have time for a job in between classes, being president of your sorority and your senior thesis. Set up you own pop up shop!. Empty your closet of clothes you no longer wear and present them neatly and With some style and invite some friends round! A few drinks a fashion show and sell sell sell!! This is an easy way to score a few bucks with limited effort as long as your clothes are cute and in good condition. Then spend away!


Don’t Rule Out Budget Stores: They have cute stuff, I promise. And of course, they’re all well priced. I personally cannot wait to peruse the Missoni for Target line that will hit stores this fall.

  Flash sale!!!!! 

Come on there is nothing better than a Sale!! So……….Navigate Flash Sales Like a Champion: Whatever your go to online discount site of choice is, learn how to work it to your advantage. Log on as soon as sales begin before the good pieces have been snatched up. Keep on alert for your favorite brands and when they’ll go on sale. Also, some groups (like Gilt) offer coupons if you invite friends. So invite them, and then earn some MONEY!!  


A drunk octopus, a smiling cheesegrater and a house with bangs! 

1. A drunk octopus!    

He will drink you under the table many a sea many a night! He is nolonger accepted by his kind as he only has two arms! His favourite movienisnthe little mermaid and his favourite drink is sex on the beach!

2. All pray down to the mighty chicken! 


This building takes it’s role very seriously, it clucks on the hour and can been seen providing eggs to feed the congregation! 

3. Staring at you with with my bedroom eyes! 


Come hither my dear, I have many rooms for you to roam in and we do a lovely overnight stay package, which included entrance to the rear. 

4. Come play I’m smiley and full of fun! 


I would feel happy if I got in this car but ok not so sure about safe! 

5. Awwwwwe don’t do it! (They know what they’re going to be used for) 


It would be like a grown up version of chicken run! An e-cig comes in and saves them all from a lifetime of heartburn! 

6. I’m so pretty and witty and …… Cheesy !!     

You think I want to be this way, cheese is so fattening I’ve put on 5poundd and I’m going matalic and shiney! Help! 

  7. Omg!!!! Something touched me… Oh my bad it was just the trees!   

Clearly shocked by everything! He can see somthing we can’t! We can only speculate, naked man, women or some exposed brick? 



How I feel after the hairdressers blown out and bushy! I can see you have had lots of layering done! Maybe next time try a perm? 

9.  OH SHIT! 


Loooook out!!! Oh shit! Well I thought you’d be good a getting in a right space! clearly I was wrong! 

Eat yourself free from anxiety menopause, achne and cellulite! I recon becoming a man might me easier! 

With over-the-counter medications and supplements claiming to solve all manner of ailments, it can be hard to know what actually works and what doesn’t.For those, who want to treat their aches and pains the natural way – the answer could lie in our kitchen cupboards and gardens.

When it comes to tackling issues such as panic attacks, menopause and even cellulite, a nutritionist argues that all-natural cures be the solution.

Nutritional therapist, Nat Hawes, 55, based in Twickenham, south west London, has spent over nine years compiling her upcoming book, Nature Cures: The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods.

Hawes details the extensive healing properties of certain natural foods and drinks.

According to Hawes, everything from small issues such as acne, to even major illnesses such as cancer and Parkinson’s, which can both supposedly be aided by natural intervention.

According to Nat, ‘natural intervention’ comes in simple forms, everything from brewing herbs in hot water with lemon and honey as a therapeutic tea, to raw juice therapies and even delicious snack combinations.  

 In fact, she believes that some disorders can be avoided completely by consuming the natural nutritious food in the first place.

The 55-year-old places an emphasis on foods such as oily fish, leafy vegetables and seeds and nuts. 

Nat started compiling the book in the first place because of her own father who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease – where part of the brain becomes progressively damaged over the years. 

She explains: ‘There was a lack of investigation into his nutritional deficiencies, and my father is much healthier and no longer suffering from depression after following Nature Cures advice. 

The nutritional therapist also claims that her forms of natural intervention have even gone so far as remedying cancer.

Nat says: ‘I had skin cancer on my own face which I cured with a slice of garlic and vitamin E oil, hence no need for the proposed invasive surgery the skin specialist planned.’

Garlic is a natural antibiotic, a fungicide, a cleanser, antioxidant – containing vitamins C, B6 and manganese – and aid’s the body’s ability to resist disease.

Nat insists that a slice of raw garlic held onto the affected skin for just a few minutes can heal cold sores and even naturally remove cancerous moles painlessly and without surgery, as it contains enzymes that break down clusters of pigment-producing cells that cause moles in the first place.

Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and skin-healing properties that are beneficial to scars and cellular damage.

Why is natural the way forward? Nat believes that our bodies are more in sync with natural produce. 

She explains: ‘The body works in harmony with natural food remedies whereas conventional drugs cause many side effects and introduce toxins to an often already weakened system. 

‘Many illnesses are caused by nutritional imbalances which, once corrected, often need no other treatment. 

‘Drugs do not address these deficiencies and often make them worse.’ 

Nat admits that the best case of natural curing that she’s ever seen is one that’s close to her heart. 

 She remembers: ‘A friend’s diabetes, which he suffered with for 25 years, before eliminating it last year after just a few months of including some foods and removing others from his diet.’

Diabetes is caused when the pancreas stops producing the hormone insulin, which controls the amount of sugar in the blood. A lack of this causes blood sugar to become too high, and can lead to blindness, gangrene, a heart attack and a stroke among other outcomes.

Nat’s remedy includes eating three servings per week of red apples, blueberries, black grapes, pears, and raisins.

Supposedly, this significantly reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes as the fruits contain high levels of antioxidant and pigment, anthocyanins – which can improve insulin resistance in the body.

The fruits also contain naturally-occurring antioxidant polyphenols, which are known to have beneficial effects on diabetics’ blood sugar levels and improves the pancreatic function.

Oh thank you daily mail for your incredible wisdom! 

If you don’t love yourself how they hell you going to love somebody else? Can I get a AMEN!

The best reality TV show currently on the air does not maroon its players on a desert island, feature contestants pitching their business ideas to cutthroat venture capitalists, or send teams on a globe-trotting obstacle course. It does not lock them in a house or pit them against each other to win the affection of a rakish bachelor. It is not on network television or Bravo; it does not feature aspiring chefs, fashion designers, dancers, or socialites. It’s on a little network called Logo, and it features drag queens. The best reality TV show currently on the air is RuPaul’s Drag Race.

And the fact that it has even managed to hit the airwaves is a triumph. Populism tends to dictate reality TV programming: everyone likes music, so Fox greenlit American Idol. When “foodie” culture became mainstream, Top Chefdebuted. But RuPaul’s Drag Race showcases a subculture (drag queens) within a subculture (the gay community) and it lives on Logo, a little cable network that prides itself on programming that is “outrageous, smart, and inclusive.” (Fear not, cord cutters! Drag Race episodes can be streamed on, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and iTunes.) Still, it manages to be, minute-for-minute, the most entertaining, inclusive, and subversive reality show on television.

If you’re unfamiliar with Drag Race, you’ll recognize its bones from other reality competition shows: individual contestants perform in weekly challenges in which they are judged on their “charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent” (which makes for quite the intentionally racy acronym) ranging from stand-up comedy routines, song and dance numbers, photo shoots, makeover challenges, and team competitions. Part of the show’s appeal is its wide variety of challenges; entire reality shows have been launched on each of these challenge concepts (Last Comic Standing, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, America’s Next Top Model, Extreme Makeover, and The Amazing Race). In this way, Drag Race almost feels more like a variety show: one week the queens are serving up a roast of RuPaul, the next, they’re transforming grooms-to-be into blushing brides. Each week, based on their performance in the competition and their runway look (there are echoes of Project Runway, as each queen must create or at least conjure up an ensemble in which to strut her stuff — and, oh, what stuff it is!), two queens are put up for elimination. From there, they must lip-synch for their lives to a pre-selected song and one of them is sent home. The winner is crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar.

But what sets this show apart from the rest of the crop of reality competition shows is the sly genius and business savvy of the show’s creator and star, RuPaul. Leveraging her cachet as the world’s most famous drag queen (don’t come at me with this Dame Edna nonsense), RuPaul has created a vehicle that not only highlights her brand, but also serves to each season launch the brand of the competing queens, giving them exposure and a leg up on making a living in the entertainment industry — through post-show gigs, tours, merchandise sales, dance tracks, etc. RuPaul didn’t start out as the world’s most famous drag queen, after all. She clawed her way to the top, making smart and calculated business decisions in a world that wasn’t necessarily dying to embrace a man dressed up in women’s clothing. She has paved the way, changed the culture in a way that makes a show like this even possible, and is, therefore, the ideal mentor, judge, and, yes, queen reigning over this competition.

And let’s talk about the branding: it’s aggressive. The show is chock-full of catchphrases — “Shante you stay/Sashay away,” “Sissy that walk,” “Don’t fuck it up!,” “Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win,” “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” The list goes on. And with the numerous product placements, whether they’re for show sponsors or RuPaul’s own songs, make-up line, signature fragrance, etc, they are deployed so knowingly — sometimes accompanied by a literal wink — that you can’t help but be charmed by the blatant pandering. And, likely, you can’t help yourself from quoting them in your day-to-day life. These catchphrases have made their way into the vernacular of the show’s fans — how satisfying is it to dismiss someone with a simple “sashay away”? — and serve the purpose of strengthening the brand and coalescing a community.

The term “shante” itself is indicative of another thing that makes the show so powerful: its acknowledgment of and reference to the history both of drag and of the gay community. “Shante” pays homage to a line in the excellent 1990 documentary Paris is Burning. In addition to subtly referencing the documentary, each season RuPaul opens up The Library, another drag convention showcased in Paris is Burning, where drag queens are forced to “read” their fellow competitors. (Saeed Jones at Buzzfeed provided the best definition of “read” I’ve come across: “to insult someone ruthlessly without breaking a sweat; see: Mariah Carey every time she refers to Nicki Minaj.”) She also is committed to educating the contestants — and, by association, the audience — in LGBT and drag “herstory.” This season featured a John Waters/Divine-inspired challenge, along with a lesson about how groundbreaking they were in terms of drag visibility. Past seasons have included herstory lessons on Stonewall, gays in the military, and iconic divas. As far as RuPaul is concerned, educating her audience about these important trailblazers and moments in history is — like reading — fundamental.

Part of RuPaul’s savviness and subversiveness is the fact that she opens up the circle and involves others — sometimes gay, sometimes not — in the show’s challenges. Some of Drag Race’s most powerful episodes have centered on challenging the contestants to provide drag makeovers on people who have likely never considered — much less tried — drag: macho jocks, dads, grooms-to-be, and gay veterans. What could be a recipe for afterschool special schlock often turns out to be something much more poignant, bridging a gap between communities that might, on the surface, appear to have very little in common. And Ru knows exactly what she’s doing: by charging the contestants to make over these often heterosexual, often macho outsiders in their own drag image, they are queering and challenging concepts of gender, masculinity, and machismo.

And we can’t forget about the queens. Each year, a new cavalcade of contestants is selected to compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. RuPaul’s savvy also presents itself in just how diverse each new crop of queens is. This diversity shows in the contestants’ races, certainly, but also their socioeconomic status (Season Six’s Adore Delano rose to the top three, even without the opulent wardrobes some of her competitors were working with), level of experience (it’s not unusual for a relative newcomer to compete alongside a career queen), their body shape (Latrice Royale forever!), and their drag style of choice (comedy queens and pageant queens, scary queens and campy queens), making this one of the most diverse casts on any television show — reality or otherwise — currently on the air.

Reality TV has made its name on stirring up drama between its participants. It’s a rare Real Housewives episode that doesn’t involve a glass of wine thrown in someone’s face, a physical altercation, or general catty backstabbery. Even other competition shows, like Project Runway, often focus more on the interpersonal dynamics between contestants than pure talent and skill. But onDrag Race, the “drama” is often relegated to the show’s cold open — a minute or so of shady barbs and chit chat before the opening credits, underscored with over-the-top dramatic music — and to the behind-the-scenes webseriesUntucked, which shows the contestants’ backstage interactions. But once those credits roll, it is all about characters and craft: we see the work room and the runway (with some cutaway confessionals where the queens narrate the action and throw a bit of shade). But ultimately, drama isn’t the engine that runs the show; it’s characters and craft.

While most competition reality shows require contestants to develop or adopt a character type — the cutthroat “I’m not here to make friends” shit-stirrer, the faux-naif who is actually pulling the strings behind the scenes — to play the game, the contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race arrive as fully formed characters. Drag is a fundamental party of their livelihoods. What then becomes most interesting is seeing how they adapt their individual characters to find success on the show. Who could have predicted that the foul-mouthed, insult-slinging Bianca Del Rio would transform into her season’s mother hen and mentor, helping less experienced queens navigate their way through the challenges? Or that Trinity K. Bonet, who spent the first half of Season Six complaining that she couldn’t do anything (sing, act, tell a joke), would shed her insecurity and absolutely slay it in a comedy challenge?

Unlike most reality competition shows, which rely heavily on editing to drum up drama and amplify suspense, the editorial hand at work on Drag Race feels refreshingly light. Unlike a show like The Amazing Race, which often utilizes editing to make it look like teams are more neck-in-neck than they actually are, the editing on Drag Race, especially in the crucial “Lip Synch for Your Life” segment, is remarkably fair — as is Ru’s ultimate judgment. If both queens turn it out (as was the case with Roxxy Andrews and Alyssa Edwards in Season Six), they both stay; if both queens fall flat (as was the case with Vivienne Pinay and Honey Mahogony in Season Five), they both sashay away. Even last week’s controversial elimination, which saw fan favorite Katya sent home by Kennedy Davenport, who gave one of the most exhilarating lip synchs of the series, was — and I’m already anticipating the hate mail I’m going to get for saying this — the right call and completely fair.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is that rare reality show that rewards risk-taking, flexibility, generosity, and — strangest of all — kindness, while also reveling in wit, sexual double entendre, and frivolity. It manages to be sweet and subversive, silly and poignant, and it serves as a vehicle to introduce drag in its myriad forms to a wide viewing audience. It functions as both a parody of reality television and as a prime example of just how great the genre can be. The show, like its creator, has a big, beating, radical, sarcastic, filthy heart. And as long as it is on the air: shante, I’ll stay.

By Brett Barbour – posted by lonelygirl also a binge TV watcher.

The belief that I can be happy!

Every time you wake up ask yourself "What good things am I going to do today?" Remember that when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it. —Native American proverb

Today I have decided that positivity is the key, they way forward to get me out of this terrible funk I have been in. I need to start looking at what I have achieved and not what I am yet to; because hey let’s face it I am still young and have plenty of time to achieve what I want (or can.)

When trying to get rid of negative energy, i think some of the best things to are:-

  • Put on your favourite uplifting song, regardless of its cheese factor (or an entire playlist).
  • Exercise (even if its wandering round your garden or taking an imaginary dog for a walk)
  • Eat food that is good for you (this doesn’t have to be a boring salad, search pinterest for tasty but healthy food.)
  • Surround yourself with positive people (my mum is always my positive influence)
  • Set yourself a small term goal. (Something you know is achievable not ……. become queen of the world or king)

Finally I think it’s good to take solace that you are not the only one in the world with the need to be positive. I found some great ideas and I will be definitely trying to implement them.

Avoid the clutches of the “green-eyed monster”

There are few emotions that are more destructive to happiness than jealousy. Being envious of another’s achievements ends up consuming time and energy that could (and should) be better spent on making one’s own dreams come true. Even more detrimental is allowing jealousy to cloud the reality of a situation, creating issues where none may exist. Happy people have learned that envy is emotional cancer that can eat away at the spirit and heart. Rejecting these feelings and resisting the negativity they contain can be a truly supportive step towards finding a happier reality.

If one is “bitten by the green-eyed monster,” it’s thought they are consumed with jealousy. With envy being one of the deadly sins, there’s been a lot written about it since the beginning of time. #green

Accept yourself for who you are and what you are.

It has often been said that the first step to true happiness is loving and acceptance of oneself. There are few things in life less satisfying than trying to be something other than what one is. Truly happy people have long accepted themselves for who they are and those elements within them that make each of them unique. From this starting point, working towards a better future, or making improvements, becomes a task of joy rather than chasing an illusion that one can never hope to reach.

I like this photograph due to how natural the model is in the image and how the photographer has made a strong connection here in order to make the woman laugh. I also love the woman's eyes and how they tell her story as a person.

Know that you can’t please everyone, so make sure you please yourself

Trying to make everyone in one’s life happy is, truly, an impossible task. Since each person has their own individual opinions and standards, pleasing one person is just as likely to result in the displeasure of another. The resulting frustration ends of leaving a person feeling ineffective and, somehow, to blame. For those who are truly happy, this is no longer a problem; their focus is on pleasing themselves first. This does not mean to do so at the expense of others; rather, this is acknowledging that by creating happiness internally, first, it can become easier to spread that joy to others.

Comprehend that happiness isn’t everything

While being happy is certainly important, truly happy people also recognize that happiness, in and of itself, is only one piece of the great puzzle known as life. There will be times that obligations, circumstances, or the press of the moment, may leave one feeling somewhat dismayed or uncertain. Yet, it is precisely in these moments, that lessons are learned that can lead to growth and a greater appreciation of the gifts that life has in store. It is these times of challenge that add to the value of happiness and the knowledge that what may be empty at the moment will fill again in the future.

Focus on what goes right instead of what goes wrong

When something happens, it can usually be viewed in terms of whether something went according to plan or whether things just went off the rails. Yet, in the realm of spirit, there are no absolutes. This is what happy people have learned. It is just as easy to pay attention to the things that have gone as planned and work on those areas, than it is to bemoan things that may have come up a little short.

Love this! Never seen. ~ Marilyn Monroe Face Close UP.  Look at those beautiful teeth.

Believe that you are always at the starting gate

Happy people intrinsically understand that in a true spiritual and emotionally sense, one is always at the beginning. Even when there is a transition or failure, this marks a new starting point. As a popular song once noted; “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” These beliefs that truly happy people have embraced are not exclusive. Trying them out is the best way to see if, in fact, a fresh breath of happiness will appear.

Believe that anything is possible

Happy people don’t make the mistake of putting limits on what they think can be accomplished. Putting up emotional barriers by stating “it can’t be done” is a sure fire way to limit the ability to act, imagine or dream. Believing that what is desired can be achieved enables a sense of purpose and, in turn, creates a positive mindset that can carry someone through challenging or difficult times. This is more than just positive thinking but an affirmation that they will not let their happiness be limited by the perception of others that there are limits to dreams.

Smile and the world smiles with you.  Black and White

Stay positive age is just a number. Right?

I always thought that turning 25 would be fun, that I would have everything tied up in a neat little bow. HAHA well that never happened.

I have scoured the internet looking for tips and things to achieve by the age of 25, (or at least things I should apparently know.) I have a few months left before the big day arrives and I become a quarter of a century old. I am intrigued to see if they will bring me ‘enlightenment’ or if I will still feel as depressed as when Rachel turned 30 in friends.

You should know that your parents are cooler now than they were ten years ago.

Back when you’re growing up, you probably used to fight and argue with your parents as much as I did. The relationship we form with our mum and dad in our early twenties is different now. Respect that they are getting older and cherish every moment you’ve got with them while they’re still here because they won’t be around forever.

You should know that staying in is as fun as staying out. (This one I can definitely relate to, I am very partial to Netflix)

Gone were the days where we dream of going out every weekend, get high and wasted and probably winding up in an unknown place the next morning. Turning 25 means that you’ve had your time for that sort of fun and it’s now time to unwind and chill out with a glass of wine without having someone thinking you’re uncool.

You should know the importance of saying no. (Can I say NO to turning 25?)

You don’t have to say yes to everything and turning 25 means you’ve got that figured out. If you’re tired on a Friday night after a long week at work and all you want to do is just curl up in bed with a good book, say no to Friday night drinks. Life can be more fulfilling if you do things for yourself instead of what people expect you to and you’re old enough to know that.

You should know that it’s okay to be selfish. (Haha tell that to my boss!)

To a certain extent, especially if it’s your happiness that’s in the equation. You should be doing things today that make you happy and contented rather than sad and annoyed. Give peer pressure a tosser and start doing something good for yourself.

You should know that money can be a serious issue if not handled properly. (This can be true but nothing beats my Vivienne Westwood handbag!)

Money is one of those thing that was not taught in school, and the only way to learn how to handle it is through experience. Turning 25 means we know how to deal with it, perhaps better than we ever did in our early twenties, and that’s a thing to celebrate.

You should know the meaning of responsible drinking, not just for yourself, but also for others. (I think I am still working on this one! Hangovers are now cured by knowing my mum won’t moan at me to get out of bed!)

Turning 25 means you know your limits and you’re wise enough to stay at it. Gone are the days where you drink as though it’s the last night of your life. You should understand too that drinking responsibly does not only affect you, but the people around you, something you probably didn’t know at 21.

You should know that it’s okay to be single too.


Stop crying your heart out if you’re 25 and still single. You’re still awesome. Think about it, you get to meet people. You get to go out there and experience life without needing to consult anyone. And you get a whole big bed to yourself. It’s important to get to know yourself before someone steps in. That’s an experience in itself, so get out there—the whole world is waiting for you.


AND THEN …………………..


You should know that it’s okay to want a relationship but know that it takes work.

Does watching your best friend get married make you feel left out? It’s human to want someone to love and to accept us the way we want them to. But turning 25 means we know that having a relationship is more than just a feeling. It takes work—lots of it, and you know that love won’t just come knocking at your door when you’re staying in on a Sunday. You have to get out there and look for it.

Don't know why they call it heartbreak when your whole body hurts

OH SHIT!!!!!!!

You should know that heartbreaks are painful, and what to do about them.

It doesn’t have to be about a relationship or that day you broke up with your ex and it took you 365 days to get over it. It could be a loss of friendship or someone dear to you. It could be losing lots of money or having the insurance company deny your claim. Whatever it is, we should have all experience heartbreaks in one way or another—and it is painful. The good thing is, turning 25 means we’ve gathered enough experience to learn from those painful moments. Should anything like that happen again in the future, we know what to do, even if it means lying in bed all day just to get over it.

You should know that life is too short to worry all the time.

Turning 25 can be quite a scary thing for some of you. You sit there, a few weeks before your birthday, thinking, “Where have all the years gone?” Let me just say that it has gone by and whether we like it or not, we can’t turn back time. So stop worrying, start loving and appreciating future moments because life is too short for unnecessary things like this.

I read somewhere recently that when researchers asked twelve hundred elderly people what they had most regretted in life, they were expecting dramatic stories about addictions, adultery, failed relationships or bad business deals. But the truth turned out to be very different as most of them answered the question with one simple line “I wish I had worried less about all the small and unimportant things in my life”. So remember this when you are worrying and stressing about something; ask yourself the question if in 5 years it would really still matter! And if not, just let it go, let it flow and most of all…. Don't Worry, Be Happy  - Dutchess Roz

I think thats enough for me to be trying to get my own head round. I need to focus on the final one before any of the other things can start to happen (or repeat themselves.)

Focus for the weekend, have fun, relax and make sure I am on top of everything so I can kick ass at work!


How to grow confidence – is it possible in a few simple steps?

Women in particular struggle with confidence. They often are less adept at moving forward after setbacks, reading temporary failures as permanent deficiencies, and they often have smaller professional social safety nets than men.

The good news is that confidence can be learned, like any career skill. Here are 10 steps that can have you operating from a place of power:

1) When in doubt, act. It’s the difference between running and stagnant water. When you’re stagnant, doubt and insecurities breed like mosquitoes. Dale Carnegie wrote that “inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” Fear of failure can paralyze us, as we almost always overestimate the consequences. Build your confidence instead by taking action, often.

2) Do something outside your comfort zone each day. If we don’t stretch our comfort zones, they shrink. Constantly challenge and improve yourself, and you’ll become comfortable doing new things—and you will establish your identity (both to yourself and others) as someone who takes risks. Each new thing you try adds to your knowledge and skill base, and provides you with a foundation of competence. This is the bedrock of any successful career.

3) Put the focus on others. Choose to be conscious of others instead of self-conscious. Ask people questions. Turn conversations into a game where you try to find a connection with the other person. Give compliments generously, and volunteer to help others when you can. Looking for the best in others will help you see it in yourself.

4) Cultivate mentors. Their advice and connections are invaluable, plus you will make better decisions about opportunities thanks to their objective assessments of the pros and cons. And you will be much more willing to take risks knowing you have supporters who will help you get back up on your feet if you fail.

5) Keep self-talk positive. It’s hard to feel confident if someone puts you down all the time. It’s impossible if that naysayer is you. Watch how you talk to yourself. Is it how you would talk to a friend? If not, then make a change.

6) Eliminate negative people from your network. You absolutely need to invite and be receptive to constructive criticism if you want to grow as a professional and as an individual. But recognize that some people will never be happy with you or with life, and it is a waste of time to try to convince them of your worth. What’s more, their sour outlook on life is contagious. Learn to identify these people quickly, and move on.

7) Take care of your health. Make time for exercise, and get enough rest. Your body must be physically ready to take on challenges.

8) Do your homework. Keep up-to-date on the news in your industry, and know your company and department inside and out. If you have a challenging task ahead, prepare and practice in your mind. Nothing builds confidence like knowledge and preparation.

9) Watch your body language. Your posture and overall appearance affect both your mental state and how others perceive (and thus respond) to you. If you want to be a leader, you have to dress and act the part. Stand and sit up straight, make eye contact, and remember to smile. Wear the professional clothing of your industry. Eliminate the telltale signs of nervousness: excessive twitching, closed-off posturing (crossed arms and legs, hunched shoulders), and shallow breathing.

10) Practice gratitude daily. In a recent study of how successful people spend the first hour of each day, the No. 1 response was investing time in thinking about the things for which they are most grateful. Starting your day by saying “thank you” for the good in your life makes it more likely that you will approach the day’s challenges with the proper perspective.


Best friends – The C3PO,  R2D2 effect! 


Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will phone them up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. They give the best hugs in the world! They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you. In most cases they would take a bullet for you, coz it would be too painful to watch you get hurt. 

2 Girl best friends: They do all the girly things together, no one says anything. 
2 Boy best friends: They do all the boy stuff together, no one says anything. 
1 Boy + 1 Girl best friends: They do boy and girl stuff, People says lots of stuff

Look at Stu and Miss they are wicked best friends, he must fancy her coz boys and girls can’t just be best friends………. Will see.