A drunk octopus, a smiling cheesegrater and a house with bangs! 

1. A drunk octopus!    

He will drink you under the table many a sea many a night! He is nolonger accepted by his kind as he only has two arms! His favourite movienisnthe little mermaid and his favourite drink is sex on the beach!

2. All pray down to the mighty chicken! 


This building takes it’s role very seriously, it clucks on the hour and can been seen providing eggs to feed the congregation! 

3. Staring at you with with my bedroom eyes! 


Come hither my dear, I have many rooms for you to roam in and we do a lovely overnight stay package, which included entrance to the rear. 

4. Come play I’m smiley and full of fun! 


I would feel happy if I got in this car but ok not so sure about safe! 

5. Awwwwwe don’t do it! (They know what they’re going to be used for) 


It would be like a grown up version of chicken run! An e-cig comes in and saves them all from a lifetime of heartburn! 

6. I’m so pretty and witty and …… Cheesy !!     

You think I want to be this way, cheese is so fattening I’ve put on 5poundd and I’m going matalic and shiney! Help! 

  7. Omg!!!! Something touched me… Oh my bad it was just the trees!   

Clearly shocked by everything! He can see somthing we can’t! We can only speculate, naked man, women or some exposed brick? 



How I feel after the hairdressers blown out and bushy! I can see you have had lots of layering done! Maybe next time try a perm? 

9.  OH SHIT! 


Loooook out!!! Oh shit! Well I thought you’d be good a getting in a right space! clearly I was wrong! 


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